Crete in November: A hidden gem for autumn travellers

Despite the somewhat more frequent rain showers, the sun is still shining on Crete in November. A breathtaking autumn landscape with pleasant temperatures awaits you on your holiday in Crete in November. Due to the pleasant conditions, November is considered a very good month for active holidaymakers. In addition, an infinite number of fine sandy beaches and small bays with a wonderful water temperature, almost for exclusive use, await you.

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Have you ever considered visiting Crete in November?

If you're considering spending your vacation on the beautiful island of Crete in Greece, November is a fantastic time to visit. While you may experience a few more rain showers than in the peak summer months, the sun is still shining brightly and the autumn landscape is absolutely breathtaking. The temperatures are also quite pleasant, making November a great time for active holidaymakers.

As the month progresses, you may find that you need to turn on the heating in your hotel room, especially in the evenings, but the overall climate is still very pleasant. One of the best things about visiting Crete in November is the fact that the island's beautiful sandy beaches and small bays are practically empty, meaning you'll have them almost to yourself. The water is also a wonderful temperature, making it perfect for swimming and other water sports.

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Crete, GreeceNovember
Daytime temperature21 °C
Night temperature15 °C
Water temperature21 °C
Rainy days6
Hours of sunshine6

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