Famous ancient sites of Crete - Fascinating history and myth

Experience on Crete how history and myth intertwine. Hardly any other place in Europe has such an eventful past as our beautiful island.

The history of the largest Greek island of Crete is inextricably linked with exciting myths and traditional legends. The legend surrounding the birth of Zeus, the father of the gods, by Rhea on the island of Crete already proves the status that traditions and a proud look into the past have here.

European history is also directly linked to Crete, for once the most powerful god of antiquity, Zeus, abducted the nymph Europa and brought her to the picturesque Greek island. It was here that the two swore an oath of eternal fidelity to each other under the plane tree of Gortis. And it was here that their son Minos was born - the founder of the first European advanced civilisation, the Minoans.

As you can clearly see, during your visit to Crete you can't help but get to grips with the fascinating mythical world of antiquity. The archaeological sites, of which there are many to visit on the picturesque island, are also based on this.