Corissia Clever Loyalty Program

You can participate in our free loyalty program as soon as you check in for the first time in one of our hotels.

What is Corissia Clever about?

By joining Corissia Clever all our repeating guests will receive for any new room booking made directly with us both a bonus amount of 50 € as well as Corissia points (1 point per 10 € of the booking amount).

This applies not only to own reservations but also to bookings made on the basis of your personal recommendation for any booking amount over 500 €.

By collecting points your membership will be gradually extended and you will enjoy many more benefits during your stay.

Register or sign in to Corissia Apps™ in order to participate in our loyalty program


Important notice to all existing members

Your Corissia Clever account is now visible via Corissia Apps™. The previous access has been deactivated for technical reasons. Registering with Corissia Apps™ is very easy and only takes a few seconds. Once you have registered with Corissia Apps™ you will be able to connect to our guest database and view your Corissia Clever account. Thank you for your understanding.


Your benefits at a glance

Membership (0-999 points)


50 € bonus for your own reservations and for bookings made on the basis of your personal recommendation (booking amount over 500 €).

Priority access to special offers.

Priority Check In.

Membership (1000-2999 points)


All benefits of the STANDARD membership.

No deposit is required for your own bookings, you may pay upon arrival.

No cancellation fees, no matter when and for what reason the cancellation occurs.


Membership (3000-6999 points)


All benefits of the STANDARD and SILVER membership.

Free stay up to 7 days in a double room from January to March each year.

500 € discount per year for your own bookings.

Membership ( > 7000 points)


All benefits of the STANDARD, SILVER and GOLD membership.

Personal chauffeur service in a luxury car.

1000 € discount per year for your own bookings.


Frequently asked questions

As a guest of Corissia Hotels, you will automatically receive a Corissia ID from us, which is used for the automated identification of our guests in our hotel's own system. Your Corissia ID can be linked to any room reservation made directly with us (through our website or by phone, not through a tour operator). If you are a member of corissia.clever, you will receive €50 back as a thank you for each reservation linked to your Corissia ID that exceeds €500 total room rate.

In addition, every time you make a booking linked to your Corissia ID, you will automatically receive Corissia Ppoints, with 1 point credited per €10 of the room booking amount. By collecting points, your membership will be gradually upgraded (STANDARD, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM) and you will enjoy many other benefits during your stay. Thus, when you register for the first time, you will have STANDARD membership.


Our reservation department only needs to know about your Corissia ID whenever a booking is made for you or someone you know. We will then link it to the respective booking. It's that simple!

The key is that our reservation team receives your Corissia ID before the completion of the booking process, so that the corresponding reservation can be linked to your account.

If you use the request form on our website, please log in to your free acount beforehand. In this way, your Corissia ID will automatically appear in the field provided. If you book a room by phone, do not forget to share your Corissia ID with us!


Once our reservation department makes a reservation linked to your Corissia ID, the credited bonus amount will be immediately visible on your account. However, this amount is not released for the time being in case the reservation is changed or cancelled. On the departure date, as indicated in the respective reservation, your credited amount will be automatically confirmed and released.

On your free acount you can view at any time both the already released and the not yet released amounts.


You can receive your credited amounts in cash, during your stay in one of our hotels.

If you wish us to settle your account by bank transfer, we will also be happy to transfer your balance. By default, all settlements by bank transfer are made only after prior contact with our service team.


If you have already stayed at one of the Corissia Hotels and you have not received your Corissia ID yet or you have lost it, you can easily find out your Corissia ID by logging in to your free acount.




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