When is the best time to travel to the island of Crete in Greece?

The island of Crete in Greece is a oasis of relaxation for all seasons. Please select your desired travel month to see for yourself:

Crete has a temperate, Mediterranean climate with over 300 days of sunshine a year. The winter is mild and humid, the summer on the other hand is warm with low humidity. This climate ensures hot summer days with temperatures of at least 25 degrees - perfect for a beach holiday. The rainy season usually runs from the beginning of November until early March, although snowfall in the coastal region is extremely rare. Nevertheless, the winter can be very cold in the mountainous areas: you can still discern snow on the high mountain peaks right into the early summer months.

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In January, Crete is already in winter sleep. There is practically no tourism organised by tour operators, all major hotels and resorts on Crete are closed. Nevertheless, Crete's winter is the mildest in Europe. On the coast, temperatures below freezing are almost never reached, even at night, although lovely sunny days with pleasant temperatures are not uncommon. The peaks of the White Mountains of Crete get their magnificent snow cover, which they keep until the summer months.


In February, conditions in Crete are similar to the month before. Although a few rainy days can be expected in Crete in February, the Cretan sun is quickly back! In the end, it shines on Crete for an average of 300 days. Winter in Crete is the best time to discover the island's fascinating rural originality and ancient traditional customs. Lose yourself in the winding medieval streets of charming Chania. Snuggle up in cosy corners of quaint cafés and tavernas, amidst magnificent Venetian architecture.


In March, when Crete's mild winter slowly gives way to spring, our island is transformed into a fantastic sea of flowers. Violet thyme, blue oregano, yellow wood sorrel and red and yellow nocturnal flowers literally compete with each other. This is an ideal time for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the high season and discover the island's original character.


The island is awakening. Herald the arrival of spring with your partner and spend a dream holiday in Crete in April. Look forward to the sunshine and the rising water temperatures of Crete and explore our beautiful island and its unique nature. It is the time for those seeking peace and quiet, but also for active holidaymakers - hikers and cyclists.


In May, Crete is in full bloom and makes the hearts of nature lovers beat faster. A breathtaking landscape and pleasant temperatures await you on your holiday in Crete in May. Enjoy wonderful hiking routes through high mountains and deep gorges, dreamy mountain villages, ancient buildings and, above all, quiet, dreamy sandy beaches.


Average daily temperatures of over 25 degrees and hardly any rainfall make June one of the best months to travel to Crete. As the peak season with many travellers does not start until July, you can spend a very relaxed holiday in Crete in June.


As a true summer month, July on Crete presents itself from its hot and dry side. Summer and beach holidays are mostly the top priorities.


Anyone who wants to travel to Crete especially to soak up the sun should not miss August on the island. With an average temperature of 29°C, the Cretan summer offers everything your heart desires.


Even though it is already autumn, September on Crete offers summer weather conditions with temperatures between 20 - 28 degrees. While there is a slightly increased chance of rain, it's still the perfect time to visit and enjoy all that the island has to offer.


Slowly decreasing, but still wonderfully warm temperatures announce the end of the Cretan summer in October. The occasional rain showers slowly diminish the pleasure of extended visits to the beach, despite the very pleasant water temperatures. On the other hand, nature experiences a second flowering and recovers from the long, dry summer.


Despite the somewhat more frequent rain showers, the sun is still shining on Crete in November. A breathtaking autumn landscape with pleasant temperatures awaits you on your holiday in Crete in November. Towards the end of the month, you have to turn on the heating in Crete, especially in the evenings. Due to the pleasant conditions, November is considered a very good month for active holidaymakers. In addition, an infinite number of fine sandy beaches and small bays with a wonderful water temperature, almost for exclusive use, await you.


In December on Crete, you can often be out and about in just a T-shirt during the day; after all, the average air temperature is about 17°C. At night, however, it still gets quite cool, although temperatures below +5°C are almost never recorded in the coastal regions. The island is slowly entering its winter sleep: a wonderful sense of peace and relaxation is in the air. Real Crete connoisseurs visit the island once more in December.


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