Become our partner as a travel consultant

Are you a travel expert? We offer direct cooperation between your travel agency and Corissia Hotels in Crete. Earn attractive commissions on bookings made directly with us.

Packages via tour operators

Our hotels have been working very successfully with the most renowned tour operators for many years. We also encourage you, as a travel agent, to continue to choose the package deal through one of our partner tour operators for our mutual clients/guests and we would like to sincerely thank you in advance for your trust.

Partner programme for direct bookings

Due to the ever-changing market conditions of the tourism industry, we offer our guests, in addition to the package tour, the possibility to make a direct booking through our website and organise their own flight to Crete. We greatly appreciate the thousands of travel agents who have helped countless guests book package holidays with us over the years and we do not wish to give the impression that we are in competition with them. For this reason, we have developed the following partner programme.

If the total price of a direct booking for your customer is lower than that of a package holiday (e.g. in the case of a very low-priced flight offer), you, as a travel agent, still have the opportunity to earn an attractive commission for a direct booking through our website!

Our cooperation is simple and completely without obligation

Your travel agency

a suitable room offer on our website

the guest consultation and the flight booking

and creates
a comprehensive package offer

Corissia Hotels

offer you on demand
detailed information about the hotel and the destination

organise for the guest
the airport transfer and the hotel stay

and grant you
attractive discounts (from 15%) as commission

This is how the booking process works

1. You select a room offer on our website, which corresponds to the wishes and expectations of the holiday guest. You will receive a fixed discount / commission on the respective room rate.

2. You contact our service team, by submitting a booking request via our website, or directly by email or telephone (a short call is usually sufficient). We will confirm the current availability and make a non-binding booking.

3. After all further details (e.g. flight booking) have been clarified on your part, we make the final hotel reservation and, if desired, organise the guest's airport transfer. Here you can see an overview of the booking process.

Would you like to become our partner too?

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