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The Corissia Solar Plant in Crete

We plan to cover the entire energy consumption of our hotel facilities and other amenities from clean solar energy, which is generated in the hotel's own photovoltaic plant in Crete, covering an area of 35,000 m2.

Our own electricity production from solar energy. Indeed, energy independence can as well be combined with climate protection and sustainability.

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Maximising the use of renewable energy in the overall energy consumption of our facilities and beyond is an integral part of our strategic vision for carbon neutrality. We have decided not only to make our entire hotel operation climate-neutral, but also to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of our guests' entire holiday trip, including flights and transfers. And all this without any climate protection contribution on the part of the guest.

However, the local use of different systems utilising renewable energy sources is not completely sufficient to cover the entire energy demand of the respective hotel operation. For this reason, we have started to move the installation of hotel-owned renewable energy generation systems from solar energy to spatially separated areas. A new legal decision of the Greek government makes this possible.

Through smart contracts with local electricity providers, the hotel's own electricity from the remote plants is fed into the grid and offset against the electricity consumed by the hotel (virtual net metering).


The total power output and annual average values of the Corissia Solar Plant are calculated in such a way that our employees benefit from it as well.

Crete has 300 days of sunshine a year and with an annual inclined irradiation of 2025 kWh/m2 is ideally suited for solar plants. Our photovoltaic plant in Crete is currently being developed on a suitable plot of land of approx. 35,000 m2 with a nominal capacity of 2000 kWp. The expected energy production is 3275 MWh per year.

To realise the project, Corissia Hotels have founded an energy cooperative. In this way, our long-term employees will also benefit from virtual net metering as non-contributory members of the cooperative. Indeed, the private electricity consumption of our employees at home can be offset against the electricity produced by the Corissia Solar Plant.

The expected energy production of the Corissia Solar Plant in Crete is sufficient to cover 100% of the electricity consumption of our hotel facilities, equipment and electric vehicles as well as of our valuable team at home.


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