Crete in December: Tranquility during your perfect winter getaway

In December on Crete, you can often be out and about in just a T-shirt during the day; after all, the average air temperature is about 17 °C. At night, however, it still gets quite cool, although temperatures below + 5 °C are almost never recorded in the coastal regions. The island is slowly entering its winter sleep: a wonderful sense of peace and relaxation is in the air. Real Crete connoisseurs visit the island once more in December.

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How about visiting Crete in December?

If you're considering spending your vacation on the stunning island of Crete in Greece, December is a great time to visit. Despite the fact that it's winter, the average air temperature is a comfortable 17 °C during the day, making it perfect for exploring the island and enjoying all that it has to offer. At night, temperatures do tend to drop, but they rarely fall below + 5 °C in the coastal regions, so you'll still be able to enjoy the mild climate and beautiful winter landscape in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea.

One of the best things about visiting Crete in December is the sense of peace and relaxation that fills the air. As the island enters its winter sleep, you'll have the chance to experience the authentic charm and character of Crete in a way that you might not be able to during the busy summer months. This is a great time to visit for real Crete connoisseurs who are looking to explore the island in a more intimate and authentic way.

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Crete, GreeceDecember
Daytime temperature17 °C
Night temperature12 °C
Water temperature18 °C
Rainy days7
Hours of sunshine5

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