The Minoan Palace of Kato Zakros

Not far from Palekastro lies the fourth largest Minoan palace in Crete. It is surrounded by an imposing mountain landscape, which gives the ruins of the once flourishing settlement a very special flair.

The most isolated Minoan centre offers you the chance to explore Minoan culture off the beaten tourist track, as the hike to the ruins of the fascinating city is worth leaving the tour group and heading to the Palace of Zakros on your own. It was only discovered around 60 years ago and has been preserved almost intact due to its remote location.

Countless artefacts, such as clay vessels, crystal vases, everyday objects and many more, prove the splendour of the magnificent building from the New Palace period. Among other things, archaeologists were able to unearth the oldest metal smelting furnace in the world at this site.

If you feel like it, it is worth hiking the narrow gorge behind the palace. The caves cut into the rock were used as ritual burial sites in Minoan times.

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