The dreamlike sandy beach of Falassarna

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This beach is regularly voted the best beach in Crete and also always occupies a place in the top ten beaches in Europe. Falassarna beach is a dream destination for a day trip among sun worshippers. Actually, it might be better to say that there are several destinations waiting for you here. In fact, what is commonly known as Falassarna beach consists of five different beaches - each with its own distinctive character, from fine-grained dune beach to pebbly rocky cove. The sea can be a little rougher here, which especially pleases surfers.

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For complete seclusion and protection from the wind, head north. There, next to the archaeological site of ancient Falassarna, one pebble-covered bathing bay follows the next - all facing south, of course, for the sake of the sun. Snorkellers are at home on the southern beach with its crystal-clear water over rocky ground.

The biggest beach is, of course, right in the middle. Pachia Ammos at Falassarna is the main attraction and the reason why thousands of visitors make their way to this place every summer. Despite being so popular, this kilometre-long, sun-drenched patch of earth rarely feels crowded. Thanks to its vastness, there is simply room for everyone. And the amenities here are first class too: with a wide selection of sun loungers, parasols and plenty of beach bars and tavernas, they make sure visitors want for nothing. Don't like to lie where everyone else is? A little away from the central sun lounger area, you will of course find a spot where you can leave your own bath towel free of charge.

Falassarna faces west and gets Crete's north-west winds. In other words, on windy days you will find rolling waves and ideal conditions for windsurfing. It's beautiful there even on such days, and you'll also be treated to a spectacular sunset as the day draws to a grand finale. If you are still adventurous, you can go to one of the beach parties organised by the local bars, which only end late at night...



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