The fine sandy beach of Georgioupolis

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The longest sandy beach in Crete is located on the north coast of the island between the towns of Chania and Rethymnon. The beautiful sandy beach stretches from the fishing village of Georgioupolis, where the Corissia Hotels are located, for about 10 km towards the east. The beach goes shallowly into the water and is considered very clean. It is therefore particularly suitable for a bathing holiday with children. If you dream of a relaxed beach holiday with all the comforts, Georgioupolis is the place for you.

Your advantage: Here, picturesque originality is combined with an excellent range of services without having to share your place in the sun with too many other people - as is usually the case in larger cities.

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The magnificent, almost endless beach of Georgioupolis consists mostly of fine sand. It is considered the longest sandy beach in Crete. It is over 10 km long and reaches - interrupted by some rocky outcrops - almost all the way to Rethymno.

The quality of the sea water and the cleanliness of the beach has been so good for so long that the beach of Georgioupolis has been certified with the 'Blue Flag', an eco-label for sustainable tourism that is only awarded to clean beaches with intact nature. There are also lifeguards in booths on many stretches of Georgioupolis beach. There are always flags on them indicating how safe it is to swim in the sea.

To the right of the harbour and the Agios Nikolaos Chapel begins the Georgioupolis beach promenade, which was built in 2006. Along the beach promenade you will find the Corissia Hotels and the Corissia Park. This first stretch of beach is very child-friendly because it goes very shallowly into the sea. It is also well protected from any stronger sea currents.

The beach promenade in particular leaves nothing to be desired in terms of service and comfort. If you prefer a more spacious and secluded beach stay, head east. Further northwest, you will come across refreshingly cool mountain streams that flow into the sea here. Speaking of refreshment: no matter how hot the day gets, you can always be sure of a cool breeze here. A light breeze ensures that the air is always pleasant, even at the height of summer.

Crete's longest sandy beach guarantees everything your heart desires right on your doorstep - and is a great base at the same time. Just in case you still feel like a change...


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