No main course without fresh, delicious vegetables

A main course in Crete is usually composed of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and minerals. To get this perfect mix, vegetables are used. It has a high value in the Crete diet.

The nutrient-rich vegetables are eaten raw, boiled or steamed. Frying is usually avoided, as this destroys the nutrients and could increase the fat content.

If you stroll through one of the markets in Crete, you will be amazed at the range of local vegetables. It is so extensive that a lot of variety can be put on the plate. Careful cultivation ensures a natural aroma. It is therefore hardly surprising that the Cretans are among the world champions in eating vegetables. They know about its positive effect on the digestive system, metabolism and cardiovascular system.

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Some of Crete's vegetables were once introduced by seafarers. The best example of this is the tomato, which is now an indispensable part of the Cretan diet. It is one of the main ingredients, because it is particularly flexible and tastes good to everyone. It is worth noting that the island's tomatoes are produced free of hormones and ripen under natural conditions. As a result, they not only have an intense tomato flavour, but also convince with a high richness of nutrients.

Whether tomatoes, pumpkins, cucumbers or another type of vegetable: the climate and soil on the island are ideal for growing vegetables. Large areas of cultivation are located in the region of Messara, Ierapetra, Selino, Chania, Kissamos and in the south of Rethymno. In the fertile plains, temperatures never drop below zero and several hours of sunshine allow the vegetables to ripen naturally. Greenhouses and artificial fertilisers are often not necessary.

The Cretans also contribute directly to the excellent quality of the vegetables. They grow up with the aromatic food and quickly find out from the taste whether something is artificial. If a farmer offers such vegetables, his reputation is ruined and his sales collapse. The high standards of the locals thus ensure excellent quality.


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