Vitamin bombs par excellence: Delicious, healthy fruits

Greek mythology shapes the island of Crete and also its cuisine. According to one of its legends, Gaia gave Zeus and Hera citrus fruits as a wedding gift. The Cretans accepted this gift with joy. They know about their vitamin richness and consume fruit regularly. It is an integral part of the Cretan diet.

The focus is on Crete's oranges, which are already mentioned in travel literature from the 19th century. Today there are extensive orange groves, especially in the region of Chania. You will find more groves in the surrounding areas of Messara, Heraklion, Fodele and Mylopotamos.

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Over the centuries, the fruit trees have adapted perfectly to the climatic and geological conditions on the island. They thrive in full splendour without the use of chemical additives. As a result, they bear large, fragrant fruits that are gently processed into juices and other orange products in modern facilities. This way, their high vitamin content is not destroyed. This includes vitamin C and vitamin B12. Traditionally, the Cretans consumed oranges especially in the winter months to protect themselves from colds during the fresh, rainy winter.

Even more famous than Cretan oranges are Cretan grapes. They are an integral part of the Crete diet because they are a delicious, healthy snack. Due to their antioxidant ingredients, they perfectly complete the balanced diet. In addition, the small fruits have an amazing amount of trace elements, which have a positive effect on the metabolism. During your holiday in Crete, you should not only try the processed products from the grapes - such as wine and sultanas - but also the fresh fruits. You will notice that they have an extraordinary aroma. In recent years, there has been an increase in the cultivation of seedless varieties, which are suitable for small children without any problems.


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