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Corissia Events in Georgioupolis

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Today’s Events

Are you spending your holidays in Georgioupolis, Crete? Here at Corissia Events, you are sure to find just the activities that will let you spend a truly interesting and diverse holiday. Entertaining events, functions and other offers are updated daily and await you here. Enjoy!

Corissia Events and daily specials today 15.10.2019

Music    Nightlife   

Live in Corissia Park: great traditional music and dance performance

You will only get to know the real Crete when you come in contact with its special music and its ancient dances. We warmly invite you to get to know a part of our tradition and to spend a wonderful evening doing so.

Pool & Cocktail Bar in Corissia Park
Tue,   20:00 - 23:00   (01/05 - 31/10)
Duration: approx. 3 hours

free participation


What would Tuesdays be without Caipirinha? Our drink of the day

Caipirinha, the popular cocktail from Brazil, made with cachaça, fresh limes and lime juice, cane sugar and crushed ice, is offered every Tuesday as the drink of the day for only € 6! Enjoy!

Corissia Park & Panorama Bar, Corissia Princess Hotel
Tue,   11:30 - 23:30   (01/04 - 31/10)
Duration: 12 hours

5.00 € per Cocktail

Dining    Cocktails    Nightlife   

Cocktail Happy Hours in the evening

Quench your thirst with one or more cocktails of your choice at our Pool Bar in Corissia Park and at the Panorama Bar in the Corissia Princess Hotel. During our happy hour, all of our delicious cocktails are offered at great reductions (30% discount).

Corissia Park & Panorama Bar, Corissia Princess Hotel
Sun,  Mon,  Tue,  Wed,  Thu,  Fri,  Sat,   19:30 - 23:30   (01/04 - 31/10)
Duration: 4 hours

6.00 € per Cocktail

Wine    Dining   

Premium wine on offer: Lihnos Cabernet Sauvignon

Premium red wine, dry
This Lihnos red wine comes from cabernet sauvignon grapes, organically grown in the surrounding Dourakis vineyards. It is fermented and aged in small oak casks. After a short time, the wine is bottled and its maturation continues there, leading to the development of dominant aromas of red fruits. It is ruby red in colour, has a velvety taste and is well balanced with a beautiful finish.

Corissia Park & Panorama Bar, Corissia Princess Hotel
Tue,   11:30 - 23:30   (01/04 - 31/10)
Duration: 12 hours


Tour of the historic town centre and market square of Rethymno

We will take our own private bus accompanied by our tour guide along the coastal plain to the third-largest city in Crete, Rethymno, situated 22 km from Georgioupolis. The historic centre extends throughout the peninsula, on which the striking, 16th-century Fortezza fortress rises up, surrounded on three sides by the lapping motion of the sea. We will walk through the pedestrianised streets of the Old Town, with its countless shops, cafés and tavernas; admire patrician houses, old churches and mosques, and relax by the beautiful, small Venetian harbour.

Reservations and confirmation at the reception of Corissia Hotels or by telephone (+30 28250 83010)
Mon,  Tue,  Wed,  Thu,  Fri,  Sat,   8:40 - 14:30   (01/04 - 31/10)
Duration: approx. 6 hours

10.00 € p.P


Discount Coffee: frappé, cappuccino and latte macchiato for only € 2.50

How about a delicious cup of coffee at a single, reduced price while you relax on the beach or by the pool? Whether it’s an ice cold frappé or a classic cappuccino and latte macchiato, in Corissia the choice is yours.

Beach, Corissia Park, Panorama Bar Corissia Princess Hotel
Sun,  Mon,  Tue,  Wed,  Thu,  Fri,  Sat,   11:00 - 15:00   (01/04 - 31/10)
Duration: 4 hours

2.50 € per coffee

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