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Destination Crete

Extreme sports on Crete: paragliding, parachuting, bungee jumping, rock climbing

Experience exceptional sports and entertainment in Crete, which often seem extreme to outsiders, although there is hardly any real risk or maximum requirements. Are you brave enough?

The Greek island of Crete stands primarily for picturesque beaches and an exciting cultural programme. However, apart from the archaeological excavations and long days at the sea, an exciting range of extreme sports awaits you: whether skydiving over the picturesque landscape, bungee jumping in steep gorges or rock climbing in the hinterland - new challenges await you in the coming holiday in Greece!


Paragliding: Experience Crete from a new perspective

If you want to experience a very special adventure on Greece's largest island, then a glide over the varied landscape is just the thing for you. At an impressive altitude you will glide through the air together with an experienced tandem pilot. The most beautiful views can be discovered above the island capital Heraklion or near Chania: The coastal towns are not only framed by the sea, but also by the wild and romantic hinterland, so that you are sure to have fantastic views while paragliding.

Don't miss this breathtaking experience, even if you have no experience. An experienced pilot from the 'Power Fly Team' will accompany you during the entire flight. Have fun!

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Skydiving - tandem jump. Diving into the skies

Many travellers have the dream to try a parachute jump once in their life. The upcoming holiday on Crete is perfect for this adrenaline kick. To ensure that the unforgettable experience is a professional one, you will be accompanied by professional tandem pilots, so that you can fully concentrate on your own sensations and on the breathtaking views from around 4,200 meters. Mountain ranges full of character and picturesque coastal landscapes from a bird's-eye view are thus accessible even to those who have no skydiving experience at all.

A tandem jump is the safest way to feel the thrill of skydiving. After a thorough preparation and instructions from the experienced team of 'SKYDIVE CRETE' you are ready to have one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life!

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Bungee jumping: an adrenalin shot in the wild nature

From Chora Sfakion on the south coast of Crete, a 10 km long detour up into the mountains is definitely worthwhile, where the village of Anopoli is located at 600 m altitude. From there you can reach the famous Aradena gorge, which is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the Greek island. There, the rural atmosphere is pure. During a hiking tour, many people cross the approximately 15 kilometres long canyon in which the vertically ascending rock walls are only 8 metres apart at the narrowest places. At one of these narrow passages you will find a steel girder bridge, which was only built in 1986 and is considered the most important attraction on Crete for adrenaline junkies.

Here you can plunge into the depths from an impressive height of 138 metres and experience the unique thrill that quickly turns into an unforgettable endorphin rush. Between June and September you can make one of the most extreme jumps in Europe, which of course meets all safety standards and is controlled by certified professionals from the very first moment.

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Rock climbing: conquering new challenges

The Mediterranean island of Crete with its varied mountainous landscape offers many opportunities to devote oneself to one's favourite hobby of climbing. There are different climbing areas that inspire with varied routes, challenging routes and fantastic views. In the south of Crete lies the most famous spot - Agiofarango. Here you have 15 sectors with 124 routes at your disposal, most of which are between the 6th and 7th degree. A special feature: the exciting gorge, in which the climbing area is located, reaches directly down to the sea. In the south of Heraklion the Kapetaniana area spreads out, with impressive cliffs and a great conglomerate, which fascinates especially experienced climbing professionals. 23 routes between V and VIII are very varied and will certainly not leave you bored.

Climbing is a special sport that demands not only strength, technique and mobility but also mental abilities. The intensive physical activity, the experience of nature and the shared experiences make climbing so unique. An experienced team at 'Enjoy-Crete' accompanies you from your first climbing metres in the hall to coaching on the rocks in the mountains. You only need your own climbing shoes, the rest of the climbing equipment will be provided.

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