Holidays in 5 star luxury hotels for adults in Chania Crete, Greece

Discover our amazing five star luxury hotels for adults in the historical old town of Chania in Crete, Greece including rates and current offers for your next perfect getaway in 2024.

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2023 Travelers’ Choice Award
Best of the Best - Tripadvisor
Town of Chania, Crete

"A Blend of Refined Elegance, Seaside Beauty and Timeless Old Town Charm"

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1277 total guest reviews

5 stars, adults only

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Book from 246192 EUR / room per night
2 adults, breakfast



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Book from 555 / room per night
breakfast included
King Excellence Suite
2 adults [almost sold out]
Book from 800 / room per night
breakfast included
King Excellence Two Bedroom Suite
2 - 4 adults [almost sold out]
Book from 555 / room per night
breakfast included
King Emotion Two Bedroom Suite
2 - 4 adults [almost sold out]

Town of Chania, Crete
Chania is a romantic harbour town in western Crete, with a touch of Venice. The historic centre is a real jewel of Venetian architecture and exudes plenty of historical flair. In the western part of the town of Chania you will find several small bays with golden, gently sloping sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters.

Our location in Chania has been thoughtfully chosen, just a stone's throw from the sandy beaches that line the western walls of the town's historical center, and perfectly combines the ancient allure of the town with the elegance of the present. Here, you can venture down cobblestone streets brimming with timeless architecture, unwind on golden sandy beaches overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea, and indulge in locally-inspired gastronomy at first-class restaurants.

Our aim is to ensure that every moment in Chania feels infinitely precious and that every second of your stay is longer, fuller and richer.

Petrof 61, 73131 Chania, Crete Greece
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Phone number
+30 2821 821 200

Detailed Information
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Hotel highlights at a glance

Small, luxurious boutique hotel in the most beautiful town of Crete. Adults only (16+).

Wonderful, quiet location where city, old town and sandy beach come together. Several sandy beaches and the historic city centre within walking distance. Ideal starting point for experience and discovery tours.

Spacious rooms with high-quality furnishings as well as exquisite suites with magnificent sea views.

Innovative gastronomy concepts: premium breakfast à la carte, culinary delights of the highest quality.

Relaxation area with heated pool on the roof terrace. Individual cosmetic and massage treatments.

Rooftop Fitness Studio with direct sea view.

Valet parking provided on a complimentary basis.

High-Speed Internet Access provided on a complimentary basis.

CO2-neutral hotel: very high energy efficiency and climate-neutrality through state-of-the-art construction and use of sustainable, renewable energy sources.

Book from
246192 EUR / room per night
2 adults, breakfast



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Island of Crete: unimaginable luxury, incredible diversity

Luxury holiday in Crete

In Crete you will experience a level of comfort during your holiday that goes far beyond your expectations.

On the island of Crete, you are sure to find a hotel resort that meets your expectations: today, the island is one of the most popular destinations in the Mediterranean. Nevertheless, Crete is by no means overcrowded like other popular holiday destinations, and hotel strongholds are nowhere to be found here! In recent decades, the quality of the hotels has improved considerably and new modern facilities have been built that meet the highest international standards. Nevertheless, tourism development is generally sustainable and with full respect for the unspoiled nature and natural resources of the island.

Considering the incredible diversity of Crete, this means that it is possible to experience many activitiesand destinations from one single location. This means that in Crete you can really treat yourself to a luxury hotel right on the beach and enjoy it to the full while many activities and opportunities open up to you.

At our 5-star hotels on Crete, we pride ourselves on providing unique and individual experiences for our guests in a respectful and authentic manner that pays homage to the principles of ancient Greek culture. Our luxurious beachfront hotels offer the perfect base from which to explore the many attractions, landscapes, and sights that Crete has to offer.

Whether you're looking to relax and unwind on the island's stunning beaches or experience the vibrant culture and history of Crete, our 5-star hotels offer something for everyone. With our commitment to sustainable tourism and respect for the natural beauty and resources of the island, you can be sure that your vacation on Crete will be both luxurious and eco-friendly. Book your stay today and start planning the trip of a lifetime.

Undisturbed holidays in Crete in an adults-only hotel

Holidays in Crete in an adults-only hotel

Enjoy togetherness in luxurious adults only hotels without the hustle and bustle.

An adult hotel is a hotel specially adapted to the needs of adult guests who are looking for peace, relaxation and undisturbed togetherness on holiday.

While family hotels place great emphasis on animation programmes, playgrounds and child-friendly meals and rooms, adult hotels focus on other concepts: excellent gastronomy with the corresponding ambience, personalised wellness treatments, quiet zones for complete relaxation, etc.

At our adults-only hotels, you will have an exceptional culinary experience with a delicious selection of recipes prepared individually for you from the finest ingredients and served directly to your table. Forget the long queues and the clutter at the buffet, we want only the best that gastronomy has to offer. We do not offer all-inclusive as a concept at all for quality reasons.

It should be clearly emphasised that the Adults Only Hotels at Corissia are only a special holiday concept and nothing more. Families with children are always welcome. Look for the corresponding offers of our family-friendly hotels!

City breaks and old town strolls in Crete

Old Town of Chania in Crete

In view of Crete's breathtaking nature, it is easy to forget that the island also has beautiful old towns.

Crete is well known for its stunning natural beauty, but the island's old towns are equally worth exploring. One such town is Chania, a romantic harbour city with a touch of Venice about it. The historic centre is a treasure trove of Venetian architecture and offers a glimpse into the island's rich history.

Located in the western part of Chania, you'll find several small bays with golden sandy beaches and crystal clear water. These make for the perfect starting point to experience the city's unique charm and explore the surrounding countryside. You can try delicious Cretan cuisine and learn more about the island's culture, all while enjoying the beautiful surroundings.

Whether you're visiting in the summer or the winter, a city break in Chania is an unforgettable experience. So why not add it to your list of must-see destinations on Crete? You won't be disappointed.

Live your own fairy tale on Crete, Greece's island paradise

Put together your own itinerary of amazing experiences and activities in Crete, a place of beauty, history and unforgettable memories.