Monastery of Kardiotissa

The monastery of Panagia Kera i Kardiotissa is well signposted on the main road just before the village of Kera, 560 m above sea level. With the help of donations, it has been restored very attractively for years. The inner courtyard has become a small garden paradise.

The complex dates from the 18th century, the church already from the 14th century. In the monastery courtyard, surrounded by bars, stands a small column made from one piece. In the church, a highly venerated and richly decorated icon of the Virgin Mary hangs from the iconostasis, together with a piece of coarse iron chain.

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A beautifully decorated legend surrounds the column, icon and chain: Because of its miraculous work, the Turks stole the icon and brought it to Istanbul as an emergency helper. But the icon did not want to go there and inexplicably returned to the monastery overnight. The Turks then tried a second time. Again, the icon immediately went home. The Muslims then stole the icon a third time and tied it to a column in Istanbul with a chain. However, this did not prevent the icon from escaping. It floated back to Kera together with the column and the chain.


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