Monastery of Gouverneto

Only 4 km separate the monastery of Agia Triada from the monastery of Gouverneto. Even the narrow road leading through a low gorge and largely barren landscape makes it clear: we are now entering another world.

The monastery lies completely isolated high above the sea, no village, no other houses are to be seen. A new wall shields the living space of the pious monks from the outside world.

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A large board next to the entrance gate draws attention to many prohibitions: No smoking, no photography, no light clothing, no picnicking, no noise, no camping! Groups are not allowed to enter the monastery at all!

We walk through the garden to the monastery, which is completely dressed up in its fortified medieval garb. The monks here are particularly strict, fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays - visitors are completely unwanted. Otherwise, however, they are traditionally hospitable and will even explain the hike to the Bear Cave and the Katholiko Monastery.


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