The Imbros Gorge

The approximately 2.5-3 hour hike through the Imbros Gorge is also possible in early spring, when the Samaria Gorge is still closed to visitors for safety reasons. It is relatively easy, leads almost only downhill and is also well suited for families with school-age children.

At the narrowest point, the gorge is only about 2 m wide, the steep slopes and the valley floor are lush green, although water almost never flows through the gorge.

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You can also get there and back by public bus. The hike starts at the southern end of the village of Imbros (about 25 km from Georgioupolis) below the Porofarago taverna at an altitude of about 700 m and ends near the Libyan Sea in the hamlet of Komitades with its many tavernas that are well prepared for hikers.

The Imbros Gorge is about 7 km long. When there was no asphalt road, the path through the gorge was the only connection between the Askifou plateau and Chora Sfakion. Depending on the season, the most conspicuous flowering plants include asphodelias, broom, chaste bush, arum, snakeroot and cyclamen; among the trees, holm oaks, carobs, cypresses and maples dominate.


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