Sweet seduction: honey from the herb garden of the gods

Honey is the healthier alternative to regular sugar as it is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Cretan honey is also particularly delicious because it is a natural product.

The island is like a herb garden of the gods, which smells heavenly and thus attracts bees. They are the producers of the delicate Cretan honey that tantalises the palate and can be part of a healthy diet.

There are around 2,200 active beekeepers on the Greek island, who together have set up more than 140,000 beehives. The beekeepers constantly change the location of the baskets according to the flowering season of the respective plants. In spring, they place their baskets near the orange trees in the lowlands. In this way, the industrious insects draw nectar from these fragrant blossoms and produce a tempting orange honey. As the year progresses, the beekeepers move to higher altitudes on the island to place their baskets by the late-flowering herbs.

The thyme honey that the bees produce in late summer is in great demand. It is delicious stirred into Greek yoghurt or snacked on with fruit, muesli or bread.

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No matter from which flowers the nectar and thus the honey ultimately come: Cretan honey inspires with its naturalness. The selection of shrubs with fragrant flowers has been immense for thousands of years due to the local vegetation. Beekeepers therefore do not have to feed their bees with sugar between harvest periods. The insects find sufficient food in nature all year round.

However, beekeepers and gourmets are not the first to benefit from this knowledge; it has been around for centuries. Finds from the Minoan era prove that the Cretans already knew, produced and appreciated honey. It was known as creamy gold, which pampered the palate and could alleviate illnesses. At the same time, it could accelerate the healing of some diseases.

It can even be used as a detox remedy on a limited scale. Honey contains vitamin E, which can rid the body of harmful substances. Gentle production processes at low temperature ensure that the valuable vitamins of Cretan honey are not lost.


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