The secluded sandy beach of Triopetra

In the south of the island you will also find the beautiful sandy beaches of Triopetra, little known to many holidaymakers. A small peninsula with the characteristic three-rock formation ('Triopetra') stretches between two quiet and usually uncrowded beaches. A great place for bathers who are looking for peace and quiet and togetherness.

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About 52 kilometres south of the large resort of Rethymno and 13 kilometres southeast of the village of Akoumia is Cape Triopetra. The coastal section nestles against the foothills of Mount Siderotas, giving it a particularly picturesque scenery.

By car, Triopetra can be reached via the well-maintained roads from Akoumia or Sachtouria. If you head for this part of the coast, you have the choice between two beaches. These are only separated by the small cape.

Right at the tip, you will discover a striking rock formation made of plate-shaped, obliquely layered sediments. They form three solitary rocks, which gave this cape its name: 'Triopetra' for three rocks.

The smaller of the two Triopetra beaches lies to the south-east of the cape and has golden-brown sand. South of it, the river Akoumianos flows into the sea. On the beach you can rent a deck chair and a parasol or spread your towel on the soft sand. A few catering facilities are available. There is also a small harbour called 'Stomio'. However, only small boats dock here. The beach is protected by the cape, so that even children can swim safely and happily.

Much larger than this stretch of beach is the main beach of Triopetra. The coarse sand of this stretch of coast feels pleasant underfoot and is ideal for building sand castles. It gently merges into the sea, which shimmers in beguiling shades of blue. As this stretch of coast is not protected by an offshore cape, it is hit by winds and waves. This is especially exciting for surfers and adventurous swimmers. The beach is also ideal for beach walks, as even in hot summer temperatures there is always a breeze to cool you down. You should bring your own food with you, as there are hardly any catering facilities. Bring time for your walk along the sea, because you can enjoy it for around four kilometres to Ligres. The path takes you past romantic natural beaches.

The natural treasures of the region between Triopetra and Agios Pavlos are remarkable. They take you to a piece of unspoilt, almost untouched Crete. But there are also cultural sights in this part of the island. For example, one kilometre northeast of Cape Triopetra you will find an enchanting chapel. It is dedicated to the prophet Elijah and is located on a hill that offers a wonderful view of Akoumiani Gialia.


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