The extraordinary beach of Kedrodasos

This extraordinary, beautiful beach is not directly accessible by car. You have to walk for about 10 minutes through untouched nature to get to the dreamlike beach with white sand and turquoise sea, since it is part of the European hiking trail E4.

Kedrodasos, or 'juniper forest', is a truly magical place located in the southwest of the island just a few kilometres from the world-famous Elefonissi sandy beach. The beach is filled with juniper trees and sand dunes, creating a serene and beautiful landscape. The trees are incredibly fragile, and visitors are asked to respect and protect them.

Kedrodasos is sheltered from the winds that often blow through the neighboring Elafonissos, making it a calm and peaceful spot for swimming and sunbathing. The European path E4 also passes through the beach, and is marked with yellow and black signs along the way. This secluded paradise is a treasure, and should be treasured by all who visit.

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