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Consciously protecting our climate and the environment

Corissia Hotels: a sustainable, environmentally conscious holiday in Crete

One of the greatest priorities of Corissia Hotels is to consciously and consistently comply with environmental regulations and to show respect for the unspoiled nature and natural resources on the island of Crete.

Connected to this is the conservation of the environment in which we live, and of the health and quality of life of us all, both guests and locals. It is certainly one of the most important prerequisites for a unique way to spend your holidays.

sustainable, environmentally conscious holiday in Crete, Greece

Here are some of the measures that we have taken as a hotel association, and which we put into practice every day so that we our also making our contribution to conservation:

1. We have installed various systems, which use alternative and renewable energy sources, contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and hopefully helping to slow down global warming. We use both solar power and geothermal energy to supply hot water, heating and air conditioning, in order to significantly reduce the need for conventional forms of energy in our facilities.

2. Mostly natural building materials and ecological paints were used in the construction of our hotel buildings. The process of thermally insulating our buildings was completed to the highest international standards in each case. The newly constructed Corissia Harmony Hotel has at a final energy requirement of 26 kWh/ (m2a), energy efficiency class A +.

3. We use LED, energy-saving bulbs for maximum output coupled with low power usage.

4. We use the latest generation of heat pumps and air conditioning systems offering a very high degree of energy efficiency.

5. We use electronic systems to automatically switch electrical equipment on and off, whenever appropriate.

6. We actively protect the region's water resources through the installation of systems to reduce water consumption and the use of modern, biological, wastewater treatment plants.

7. We use eco-friendly, recyclable packaging material for our daily deliveries to prevent and reduce waste. We therefore also avoid plastic packaging at your breakfast and dinner buffet.

8. We always use environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

9. We cover a large portion of our need for fruit, vegetables and olive oil from our own biological cultivation.

Unique on Crete

A state-of-the-art, ecological system for energy production has been installed in the Corissia Princess and Corissia Harmony Hotel respectively, making use of geothermal energy. This geothermal system uses the infinite energy reserves stored in the ground to cover the energy needs of the complex in terms of supplying hot water, heating and air conditioning. This leads to a significant energy savings (up to 75%) compared to conventional methods (oil, electricity) and is much more environmentally friendly as a result.

You too can contribute to protecting the environment and our climate while on holiday

Effective environmental protection and a relaxed holiday are not mutually exclusive. On the contrary, simply as a holidaymaker here, you can make your personal contribution without sacrificing your comfort. Here are some tips:

Always turn off the light and other electrical equipment when you leave the room

The power supply to the rooms in the Corissia Hotels will be automatically cut off a few minutes after you leave the room.

Only use the air conditioning when you have closed the windows and balcony doors

To avoid wasting energy, the air conditioning in the rooms of the Corissia Hotels will switch off automatically when the balcony door is open.

Only have your towels changed when it’s really necessary

Leave your towels on the floor of your bathroom if they are to be changed.

If possible, take the stairs and not the elevator

Avoid wasting water

Don’t leave any waste on the beach or in the sea

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Sustainable holidays on Crete

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