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Boundless Romance in Picturesque Surroundings
Honeymoon on the most beautiful sandy beach in Crete

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Holidays in Crete for Couples in Love

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Honeymoon on Crete

"Look, the moon is rising above the sea! Let's just stay here and watch it together. See how it rises up through the heavens, illuminating our balcony in shades of copper red. For tonight, my love, I have fallen in love with you once more..."

Georgioupolis, the idyllic seaside resort on the north-west coast of Crete, is a popular holiday destination for newlyweds.

The breathtaking scenery, endless beach and shallow, crystal-clear seas combined with individual service and the excellence of the Corissia Hotels in all areas, make your honeymoon something truly special.

You can also experience boundless romance in our picturesque surroundings, relax beneath the sun on the smooth, sandy beach, enjoy culinary delights right by the sea and let the natural beauty, history and myths of Crete take you by surprise.

You are most welcome.

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The Island Paradise on your Doorstep

Crete, the honeymoon destination where you’ll be dreaming with your eyes wide open...

What would be the honeymoon of your dreams?

Glorious sunshine, sumptuous luxury, lavish romance - soft sand, glistening sea and magnificent sunsets? The holiday of a lifetime – a holiday never to forget?

Maybe you’re wishing for all this and more on your first holiday as newlyweds, but perhaps like many young couples, you feel compelled to fly half-way around the world in order to reach your dream destination. Before you sink your precious honeymoon budget into long-haul flights, sitting in cramped cabins for hours on end to reach your island paradise, allow us to present you with the alternative:

Your honeymoon of a lifetime, your “all this and more” experience, awaits you on the blissful Greek island of Crete. Surprisingly close to home, yet a world apart in scenery, climate and culture, Crete could be the honeymoon destination of your dreams. Here, you´ll be dreaming with your eyes wide open...


The island of Crete on the map

Within Easy Reach

Situated just 320 km south of Athens, Crete is within easy reach for the majority of European couples.

No long-haul flights sitting for hours in cramped cabins, meaning you arrive at your honeymoon destination more relaxed, with more time to spend and more money in your pocket because you’ve invested less of both getting there.

Which leaves you with more possibilities when it comes to really treating yourselves to a luxury hotel.

Everything on your Doorstep

Imagine if you could have both city life and rural idyll; sandy beaches and rugged mountains; ancient history and living culture; all the relaxation of a luxury hotel, spa and pool combined with a hiking and kayaking adventure. On Crete you can – without ever having to repack your bags.

The incredibly dense diversity of the island means that it’s possible to experience a huge range of scenery, settlements and activities, whilst being based in one location, which means that you really can treat yourself to a luxury home away from home, and enjoy it to the full, whilst still having a huge range of activities and options open to you.

The Corissia Hotels have put together a travel guide to give you a taste of the range of possibilities open to you from their fantastic location in Georgioupolis, helping you to put together your ideal honeymoon.

Triopetra Crete, Greece Samaria Gorge Crete, Greece Rethymno Crete, Greece Knossos Crete, Greece

Preveli Crete, Greece Chania Crete, Greece Rodopou Peninsula Crete, Greece Chania Crete, Greece

The Most Romantic Destinations

Crete offers some of the most romantic destinations in the world, with scenery that is at times maritime, tropical or even reminiscent of the Wild West. The splendour of the Cretan landscape and the charm of its villages are sure to stamp an indelible image on your honeymoon memories.

Lose yourselves in the winding, medieval alleyways of charming Chania and romantic Rethymno. Cuddle up in cosy corners in the quaint coffee houses and tavernas, amidst ornate Venetian architecture. After the exhilarating exhaustion of your wedding day, immerse yourself in the easy, laid-back manner of the Cretans and feel a wave of calm wash over you.

Sink into the sands of vast, blissful beaches, sipping a cocktail provided by the impeccable beach service, or discover coves, caves and clues of the past in utter isolation. Explore by sea, land or air, in local fishing boats, turboprop engines or revving 4x4 off-roaders, or simply cruise along in your rental car, drinking in the sights. You haven’t seen a sunset until you’ve experienced Falassarna beach at dusk...

In the Very Best of Hands

It’s hard to imagine someone who will take better care of you than the Greeks. Famed for their hospitality and warmth, you will be in the very best of hands amongst your Greek hosts, whether in the local taverna or a top-range hotel.

Their friendliness, openness, and generosity will add a sweet note to each day of your holiday, as you both feel embraced, pampered and utterly welcome in your home away from home.

If you want a destination where you know that people are looking out for you, wishing you the best, and simply wanting to share special moments in life with you, then Crete is a sure choice.

Unimaginable Luxury

Imagine a swimming pool right outside your balcony door. Around the clock. Just for you and your partner... Imagine a spa you have all to yourselves. No disturbances. No interruptions. Just intimate, exclusive time for two...

At the Corissia Hotels we have envisaged romantic luxury beyond our expectations. We are rethinking how comfort and romance are done, and how we celebrate those special, holiday moments.

Two of our hotels are a particularly romantic choice for couples: The Corissia Princess Hotel, with a unique 360° panoramic view over the bay of Georgioupolis and a rooftop cocktail bar, and The Corissia Harmony Hotel, an exclusive, adult-only 4*+ complex, newly built in 2015-2016.


4*+ hotel
Corissia Harmony

corissia harmony hotel

The Harmony Hotel is the "jewel in the crown" of the Corissia Hotels, even offering superior rooms with a private pool. Imagine the luxury of your own heated swimming pool, right on your balcony door, just for the two of you.

Details about the Corissia Harmony Hotel

4* hotel
Corissia Princess

corissia princess hotel

From either Corissia resort, you can book a Seductive Spa Experience, a private, intimate spa facility opened exclusively for the two of you.

Details about the Corissia Princess Hotel

Mrs. Maria Tzagaralexaki
Front Office Manager

Individual service

At the Corissia Hotels, we pride ourselves on individual service, which is why you talk to a real person when making your booking.

The reservation service is designed to offer you maximum flexibility, with no obligations and zero cancellation fees up to 2 weeks before arrival.

Your personal contact at Corissia is also happy to offer assistance with flights and airport transfers, making the whole process of planning your honeymoon simple and flexible – a fantastic bonus when you’re already busy planning a wedding!

Coming Back for More

Crete has a beauty and charm that demands more than to be seen and be photographed. It needs to be experienced, to be lived out, which is why those visiting Crete for the first time return for a second, and a third, in order to recapture the atmosphere and immerse themselves once more in the endearing, enthralling, Cretan way of life.

Whilst many couples treat their honeymoon like an extension of their wedding day – a once in a lifetime experience that can only ever be repeated in memories and photo albums – it’s a lovely alternative to think that you would be able to return, and relive some of the best days of your lives.

Crete is within your reach now, and can be within your reach tomorrow. A place for forging new memories, and reliving the old. A place for consolidating and celebrating life together.

We hope you have a long and happy life together. And we hope your family album is filled with happy snaps of the two of you on honeymoon; perhaps returning again with family of your own; perhaps reliving the romance on a special anniversary; perhaps celebrating a jubilee at the same hotel where you spent your wedding night...

To all the newlyweds, we wish: Να ζήσετε / Na zisete!

Elderly in Love

Discover heavenly Crete for yourself

An island full of surprises

A holiday destination for bathing enthusiasts, nature lovers, hikers, and those interested in history and culture. Today, Crete is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean - cosmopolitan and mysterious at the same time.

Popular hotels on the sandy beach

The Corissia Hotels are situated within the tranquil, picturesque village of Georgioupolis right on the sandy beach. An ideal seaside resort both to relax and explore the island, because that is just what holidays on Crete are all about.

Let yourself be pampered

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