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Information about the coronavirus COVID-19 ++ Update 07.04.2020

On this page you will find continuously updated information on the coronavirus crisis in relation to your holiday trip to Crete.

Our team is monitoring the situation closely and we very much hope that we can soon return to normality. Please stay healthy and do not forget the most important hygiene rules according to WHO!

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Stay healthy. See you soon.
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The medical staff, doctors, nurses, laboratory assistants, as well as all those who work in the hospitals and clinics and are courageously in the front line in the fight against the pandemic deserve not only our greatest respect but also our active support. Clinic Tsepeti in Chania Crete, with the financial support of Corissia Hotels, will receive 2 new respirators and special protective clothing (masks, gowns, etc.) to prepare for the emergency, which hopefully will not occur. Please help to maintain our liquidity in this difficult time by not cancelling your booking prematurely due to fear and uncertainty. A free cancellation due to the coronavirus crisis is possible with us at any time up to the day before your planned arrival. Many thanks for your understanding!

The situation regarding the spread of the coronavirus is changing rapidly. The developments are very dynamic. At this point in time we assume that our hotel operations can be resumed on 01.05.2020. There is absolutely no reason to cancel your planned summer holiday now, it is advisable to wait and see how the situation develops. A free cancellation due to the coronavirus crisis is possible with Corissia at any time up to the day before your planned arrival. There is a clear plan for April 2020. Our company has a powerful operating concept, a solid balance sheet and liquidity, that will enable us to overcome this crisis. In the meantime, we will continue to monitor the situation and support our guests, partners and employees during this difficult time. Our thoughts remain with the people affected by this outbreak.

The heads of state and government of the EU have imposed a temporary restriction on non-essential travel to the EU. Meanwhile, public life in most European countries has been massively restricted to slow down the spread of coronavirus (quarantines, shop closures, curfews etc.).

We would like to emphasize here once again: even with package tours via tour operators, Corissia Hotels are not charging a cancellation fee to the operator in the context of the current coronavirus crisis. All guests who have booked a package tour should contact their travel agency or tour operator directly. Neither cancellations nor rebookings are possible directly with us for package tours.

We would like to thank our guests for the trust they have placed in us! Until the end of April 2020, i.e. in the period when all Greek hotels must remain closed according to government regulations, only 30% of the guests who booked directly with us have cancelled free of charge. 70% of the direct bookings for April have made use of our offer to rebook the holiday for a later date free of cost and at no extra charge!

What is the current situation in Crete with regard to the coronavirus crisis?

The public life of Crete has been significantly restricted, according to state regulations to slow down the spread of coronavirus, as is the case throughout Greece: At the moment, most shops, schools, universities and publicly accessible establishments remain closed, and the population is only allowed to leave home if there are good reasons. Hotels will also remain closed until 30 April. All state hospitals, private clinics and the university hospital in Heraklion are on heightened alert. The movement of goods is not limited, and food supplies are provided without any problems.

The cities of Crete have become considerably emptier. Many Cretans have retreated to the villages in the interior, where the beautiful nature at the beginning of spring makes the quarantine measures much more bearable.

What do the current, state-imposed restrictions mean for my planned summer vacation? What should I do?

Public life in most European countries has now been massively restricted (quarantines, shop closures, curfews, entry stops, etc.). With such unprecedented measures, it is understandable that it is easy to panic and be led to rash reactions: Hoarding, theft of medical supplies or even travel cancellations months in advance.

Under such circumstances, tourism is massively affected. Airlines are already scaling back their flight schedules almost completely, events and trade fairs are being cancelled, and hotels all over the world remain closed. Millions of people working in the tourism industry worldwide are fighting for their jobs, hundreds of thousands of tourism companies, travel agencies, tour operators, hotels, airlines, transfer companies etc. are facing liquidity problems and have well-founded fears for their existence.

European governments are pursuing a very clear strategy: the shutdown should lead to a significant slowdown in corona spread, so that the respective health care systems are not overloaded and more people, especially those belonging to the risk groups, can receive adequate medical care. And that is certainly no reason to panic, but a clearly defined strategy for combating the pandemic!

As always, we would like to communicate openly and honestly with our guests: at the moment we do not know exactly how this unprecedented situation will affect your well-deserved summer holiday. We are monitoring the situation closely and keeping close contact with the relevant authorities. We hope that the pandemic will be contained as soon as possible, that the measures ordered will be loosened and that things will return to normal as soon as possible (we are currently planning to resume hotel operations on 01.05.2020). However, what we definitely know is that the safety and health of our guests and employees is our highest priority. For this reason, we fully respect and support the measures ordered by the government, even though they mean massive financial pressure for us, as a tourism company. We consider these measures to be the only way for all of us, as healthy as possible, to emerge from this unprecedented crisis in a coordinated manner.

An urgent appeal to you, as a future travel guest:

1 Please always respect and follow the instructions of the local authorities so that the pandemic can be contained as planned and the strict measures eased. Stay healthy!

2 Do not panic and do not let yourself be influenced by fake news. Only obtain information from official, credible sources.

3 Please refrain from cancelling your trip prematurely. Any trip cancellation due to fear and uncertainty currently endangers jobs in the tourism industry and makes it all the more difficult to return to normality. Please wait and see how the situation develops.

In case of an officially ordered prevention of your trip, such as for April 2020, we will offer you clear and fair possibilities. Your already paid deposit is in no way endangered and you can cancel with us completely free of charge until the day before your planned arrival. Our hotel's own service team is always available to answer your questions and provide you with advice and assistance.

Until when will the hotels in Greece be closed? What happens with my booking?

Free rebooking without any surcharge or free cancellation for direct booking possible.

Our hotel's own service team is available to you at all times with advice and assistance.

Due to the current developments of the coronavirus pandemic, the Greek government issued an emergency decree on 14 March 2020 as a preventive measure against the spread of the infection, prohibiting the operation of all hotel facilities in the country until 30 April 2020. We are therefore legally obliged to cease our operations by the above-mentioned date.

We are very sorry if this decision also affects your booking in one of the Corissia Hotels in Crete. It is a very unpleasant situation, which unfortunately massively affects your well-deserved holiday.

In an emergency meeting on 14.03.2020, the management of Corissia Hotels has taken the following decisions in response to possibly mitigate the negative effects of this unprecedented situation:

1 All guests of Corissia Hotels whose planned holidays begin up to 30.04.2020 now have the opportunity to postpone their stay to another date until 31.10.2020, subject to availability, completely free of charge and at no extra cost. It does not matter that the current room rates for the months May to October are significantly higher than those for April. With this rebooking, the hotel price booked for April remains exactly the same, even if the guests decide to rebook to August, for example. This corresponds to a special reduction of up to 60%, depending on the selected travel period.

Our guests, who have booked a flight separately, can also take advantage of the current special offers of most airlines, which also allow free rebooking to a later date.

2 if it is not possible to postpone your holiday, you have the possibility to cancel your stay in Corissia free of charge. There are no cancellation fees for your hotel booking and we will refund the deposit in full

3 Also for guests who have booked a package tour with a tour operator starting until 30.04.2020, the hotel will of course not charge any cancellation fee to the respective operator.

All guests who have booked a stay directly with us until 30.04.2020 will be informed personally in writing. Guests who have booked a package tour are requested to contact the respective tour operator.

The safety and health of our guests is our highest priority

Hygiene and prevention measures in Crete

At this point in time we assume that our regular hotel operations can be resumed on 01.05.2020. Our company has a powerful operating concept, a solid balance sheet and liquidity, that will enable us to overcome this crisis.

All Corissia Hotels in Crete follow predefined and established procedures to prevent infections and have increased their hygiene measures. To ensure the best possible level of precaution and prevention, we monitor the situation closely and maintain close contact with the relevant authorities.

Corissia Hotels consist of several separate buildings, each with 3 to a maximum of 70 rooms per building. Our restaurants are open and offer sufficient space for our guests, so that good ventilation is always guaranteed and a minimum distance of 1-2 metres between guests can be maintained without any problems.

We take care of our guests.

Free rebooking and cancellation options until the start of the trip in case of a direct booking.

Our regular cancellation terms for direct bookings are as follows:

"In case of cancellation, there are no fees for you at all, as long as the cancellation is made at least 15 days before your arrival. If the cancellation is made in the last 2 weeks before arrival, a fee in the amount of the deposit is due. This fee does not apply in case of acute illness before the planned trip: a medical certificate with previously confirmed flight booking is sufficient."

This means that if your trip is prevented either by a direct infection or by quarantine measures ordered by the government due to the coronavirus, you do not bear any risk if you book directly in Corissia, even if the cancellation is made shortly before your arrival. There are no cancellation fees for your hotel booking and we will refund the deposit in full. To avoid possible misuse, we only ask for a previously confirmed flight booking at the planned travel time.

Furthermore we offer free rebooking options. This means that you can change your booking date at any time without additional charges, subject to availability. For the calculation of the new hotel price, the offers valid on the rebooking date will be applied.

Therefore you do not need a travel cancellation insurance for your hotel booking directly with us.

The most important hygiene rules according to WHO

1 It is best to turn away if you have to cough or sneeze. There should be at least one meter distance between you and other people.

2 Please use a tissue only once. Then dispose of it in a bin with a lid.

3 When coughing or sneezing, keep the crook of your arm in front of your mouth and nose when no tissue is available.

4 After blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing, wash your hands thoroughly, either with alcohol-based disinfectant or with soap and water.

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