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Destination Crete

Breathtaking mountain landscapes and rough tracks: Discover Crete offroad now!

Offroad Tours on Crete - Explore the beautiful island by jeep or mountain bike.

Fasten your seat belt and explore the island from its most beautiful side. With a 4x4 all-terrain vehicle you drive through lonely nature and create an unforgettable memory of your stay in Crete. Gather impressions of abandoned villages, ancient temples or churches carved into the rock. Bathing fun is not neglected on these impressive tours either, because at some point you will reach one of the wonderful beaches of Crete, where the Mediterranean Sea invites you to relax and cool off from your off-road adventure.


Jeep tour to the Rodopou Peninsula

The peninsula between the bays of Chania and Kissamos is not yet accessible by asphalt roads at all. Here, a 4x4 jeep is the right vehicle, as the roads are partly very rough. The drive through deserted but sheep- and goat-rich nature is the ultimate experience. You can see a deserted village, the hint of an ancient temple and two pilgrimage churches in complete solitude.

The adventure begins in Kolymbari. Here you can still shop for the picnic planned for the tour and be impressed by the historic Gonia Monastery on the outskirts of the village. From here the actual tour starts, through a small gorge to the short stone-pebble beach Afrata Beach with snack bar and comfortable sun loungers. Directly at this crossing is the Kafenío 'I Kalia Kardia', one of the last signs of civilization before the wilderness.

Now it gets bumpy, but also unforgettably beautiful.

Now the real offroad part of your adventure tour begins. It continues on a wide track, where you can make many new acquaintances with locals. Most of them are not people, but rather the sheep and goats that live here and shape the landscape. The trail ends in a coastal settlement with the 100 m long and 20 m wide pebbled Menies Beach. Next to a tiny white chapel the Greek flag is proudly hoisted. A sight to make the heart of a true Crete fan beat faster!

From here it's a return trip. Let the impressions you gained on the way there have an effect again until you are presented with the breathtakingly beautiful view of the wide bay of Kissamos. If you are lucky, you may even spot the distant islands of Kythira and Antikithyra in the direction of the Peloponnese.

Other impressive stops are Agios Ioannis Gionas, a sanctuary of pilgrimage, and the church of Agios Pavlos, which was built almost directly on the sea. It is now about 8 km to Rodopou. Then the paved road has you again.

Particularly curious adventurers expect then still an unusual bathing place and a great tavern. For this you drive down via Ravdoucha to the so-called Waves on the Rock. Between the rocks and sand the sea has formed a small natural pool here. Here you can enjoy the evening completely relaxed.

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To the Blue Lagoon of Balos via gravel road

To the Blue Lagoon of Balos via gravel road

In the northwest of Crete lies Balos, the blue lagoon, a breathtaking turquoise bay with a fantastic sandy beach on the west side of the Gramvousa peninsula. You can reach Balos either by car (partly gravel road) and descent via steps or by boat from Kastelli Kissamos. The way to your destination is already a great pleasure. Almost always you will have a view of the cliffs and the sea; on the other side of the bay of Kissamos the Rodopou peninsula extends far into the Aegean Sea. From Georgioupolis to Kissamos you drive on a national road that has been converted into a motorway. This way takes about one hour. It is best to drive directly towards the sea to be at the beach of Balos early. It will be worth it, because you will experience a wonderful day that you will not forget so quickly.

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