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Unspoilt Beaches Far From the Crowds
Welcome to Xerokampos, Crete

Xerokampos, Crete

Visitors to this remote location are rewarded with unspoilt beaches and pristine nature.

Tucked away on the south-east coast of Crete, the isolated area of Xerokampos is far from the bustling crowds. Over 3 hours’ drive from Heraklion, and 1 hour 40 minutes from the nearest city of Ierapetra, it is one of the most remote destinations on the island.

Visitors are rewarded with a collection of fine, long beaches clothed in pristine white sand, truly unspoilt and crowd free. Tourism here is fairly low-key: be sure to bring your own supplies, since restaurants and beach services are limited, as is mobile phone reception. The nearest ATM is 44 km away in the mountain village of Ziros.

Bird Paradise

Bird lovers travelling off-season will relish the salt-water lagoon Alatsolimni 3 km to the north of Xerokampos, a veritable avian paradise. The lake evaporates in summer, but floods in the winter, when it becomes a natural refuge for migratory birds, playing host to herons and even a flock of flamingos!

Natural Beauty Treatment

500 m from the heart of the settlement of Xerokampos lies the beach of Argilos, known for its argillaceous soil. A sign in Greek encourages bathers to use the healing clay as a natural beauty treatment. Nature’s outdoor spa!

Salt-water lagoon Alatsolimni in Xerokampos, Crete

Hiking in Crete

The Ancient Settlement of Ambelos

The remains of the Hellenistic city of Ambelos are accessible along a dirt track at Farmakokefalo, above Gerontolakkos beach, 550 m from the centre of Xerokampos.

This once prosperous city was founded in the 5th century B.C. The remains of its walls, houses and roadways can be discerned at the excavation site today. The whitewashed chapel of Agios Nikolaos is perched on the hill amongst the ruins, offering a picturesque foreground motif for your photographs of the enchanting surroundings.

Lamnoni Gorge

Lamnoni Gorge stretches from Xerokampos to the mountain village of Ziros, and is the driest canyon in eastern Crete. It takes approximately 2 hours to complete the gentle descent through the gorge, which should only be attempted in the cooler months between autumn and spring.

The canyon rewards visitors with wild Cretan beauty; raw, exposed rock walls and views of the Libyan Sea. Hiking downhill through the gorge from the Lamnoni plateau to the beach is the most comfortable and scenic direction to walk.

To find the entrance to the gorge, drive up from Xerokampos through the village of Ziros, and follow the road to Lamnoni village. This is perched on a small plateau 4 km from Ziros. After the village, you will see a dirt road on your right. Follow it past a homestead, a well, and through some sheep gates until you reach the gorge.

The canyon ends near the road approximately 2-3 km from Ziros. From here, it’s an easy 20-minute walk down to the beach. This is an ideal walk if you have a member of your party who can drop you off at the gorge, and then enjoy the beach at Xerokampos. Otherwise, you can organise the drop-off with locals in the village.

Lamnoni Gorge, Crete

An island full of surprises

A holiday destination for bathing enthusiasts, nature lovers, hikers, and those interested in history and culture. Today, Crete is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean - cosmopolitan and mysterious at the same time.

Popular hotels on the sandy beach

The Corissia Hotels are situated within the tranquil, picturesque village of Georgioupolis right on the sandy beach. An ideal seaside resort both to relax and explore the island, because that is just what holidays on Crete are all about.

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