Experience the authentic. Don't settle for artificial settings.

Innovative Concepts in Hospitality

Explore our groundbreaking concepts of operation and service.

Core Concept

Raising the highest standards of personalised service to entirely new levels.

The evolution of luxury hospitality is the inherent, natural creation of priceless personalized experiences. We warmly welcome you to be part of this paradigm shift. You will be delighted.

We focus on creating unique one-to-one experiences for our guests in an authentic and respectful way that can be traced back to the original principles of ancient Greek culture.

Core Concept

Experience the authentic. Don't settle for artificial settings.

Mass tourism is definitely out. Don't get isolated inside the walls of yet another boring secluded resort.

Feel the flair of a cosmopolitan mediterranean town all year round, experience the charm of a picturesque cretan fishing village in summer, mingle with the locals and get to know the authentic.

We operate 4 small but exquisite hotels at the best locations on the island of Crete.

Core Concept

Feel good. You travel green.

We strongly believe in the need for a strategic redefinition of the tourism industry based on sustainable development and environmental protection. We want to be pioneers in this.

We have decided not only to make our hotel operation climate-neutral, but also to offset the greenhouse gas emissions of our guests' entire holiday trip, including flights and transfers.

Learn more about our strategic vision for sustainability and climate protection.