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Corissia Private Spa Suite
Individual wellness experience with total privacy.
Boundless romance and recreation finally come together ...

Corissia Wellness & Private Spa

Give your body and mind a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing...

What could express "time for me" more than a wellness visit? No matter whether you decide to have a massage or a peeling, or just want to relax in the sauna or the whirlpool, a spa visit is relaxing, relieving and refreshing. At Corissia Wellness & Private Spa you will find various areas for cosmetic and massage treatments, relaxation and fitness - even for exclusive use. We would like to welcome you!

Corissia Harmony Wellness

Corissia Harmony Spa

The common area offers a spacious whirlpool, two sauna cabins, showers and a rest area for relaxation.

Corissia Private Spa Suites

Corissia Private Spa Suite

A very special highlight is the private wellness suite, which has been especially designed for couples. There you will find a sauna with special functions, a whirlpool for 2, a separate room for cosmetics and massage treatments, rest area and showers.

Cosmetics & massage treatments

Corissia Massage Treatments

A series of massage treatments help to relax and regenerate your body and give your soul and spirit rest and well-being.

Corissia Harmony Fitness Centre

Corissia Fitness Centre

Our gym is equipped with the most modern cardio machines and weight stations (by TECHNOGYM), as well as other special equipment for your individual or group training: treadmills, crosstrainers, bicycle ergometers, rowing machines, Kinesis and TRX. Stay fit and healthy by achieving your personal training goals even on holiday.

Individual treatments for body and soul

„When the body relaxes, soul and spirit calm down as well. This is the key to understanding the regenerating power of wellness treatments. Wellness in Corissia means: taking care of myself, taking time for me, allowing others to take care of my body with soothing hands.“

You can book your treatment directly at your Corissia reception

Highly Recommended

Lady's Time
Duration: 65 min.

A unique experience just for the lady. It begins with a skin revitalizing peeling, while a strengthening massage with herbal extracts remineralizes the skin from the bottom up. Finally, you choose a face mask of your choice.

125,00 95,00

Ultimate Elixir of Love
Duration: 150 min.

Let yourself be seduced together with your loved one into a dream full of sensuality and pure pleasure. The experience begins with a relaxing massage that takes you to the Far East. Then dive into the dream world of chocolate... A facial treatment that moisturises from the bottom up completes the seductive dream. Afterwards you and your partner can relax completely undisturbed in our private spa area. A bottle of sparkling wine and fruits await you there.

300,00 240,00

Wellness and Togetherness
Duration: 90 min.

Spend an hour and a half of romance together with your partner in our private spa area, completely undisturbed. The wellness suite with jacuzzi, sauna, relaxation zone and showers is exclusively at your disposal. We will provide you with a bottle of sparkling wine and fruits.

140,00 100,00


Hot Stone Massage
Duration: 70 min.

A unique massage in which volcanic stones are heated and placed on the chakra points of the body. The power of the stones is combined with an Ayurveda massage. This consists of slow, deep, circular movements that relax the body and reduce stress.

120,00 90,00

Warm Candle Therapy
Duration: 60 min.

Treat yourself to an oasis of relaxation. Enjoy the feeling of serenity and well-being through a relaxing massage with aromatic candles. These melt onto your body and transform the massage into an unforgettable experience of pure relaxation. Melt away under the candle flame as your skin is remineralised and your senses are enriched with fragrances.

130,00 95,00

4 Hands
Duration: 45 min.

A soothing, luxurious and calming treatment combined with aromatherapy for your complete pleasure.

120,00 90,00


Duration: 70 min.

This therapy focuses on weight loss, stimulation and revitalization. Regenerate your skin with the use of sea salt as body peeling followed by a stimulating massage. Finally, a unique mask for soft and radiant skin follows.

120,00 90,00

A Symphony in Chocolate
Duration: 70 min.

This pleasurable body treatment begins with a special peeling that is guaranteed to seduce the senses. This is followed by a gentle massage combined with chocolate aromas that flow around your body. Moisturizes and cares for the skin.

120,00 90,00

Lava Shell Massage
Duration: 70 min.

A holistic treatment with mussels from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. A body regenerating massage from ancient times that promotes your well-being in a natural way.

140,00 110,00

For your body

Cretan Treatment
Duration: 60 min.

Relax with a deep body massage based on traditional Cretan methods by combining warming olive oil and raki.

90,00 75,00

Full body peeling
Duration: 70 min.

Give yourself scents that seduce your senses. Meanwhile, enjoy a ritual body peeling that deeply cleanses the skin and gives it a healthy glow.

99,00 80,00

Duration: 60 min.

This unique experience combines ancient and modern techniques for your physical and mental well-being. The treatment is based on essential oils with therapeutic properties that are tailored to your personal needs.

90,00 70,00


Relaxing Massage
Duration: 60 min.

A relaxing body massage that promotes recuperation and calmness to specifically release tension and reduce stress.

90,00 75,00

Back Massage
Duration: 30 min.

A treatment based on massage and pressure techniques on the head and neck that promote deep relaxation.

50,00 35,00

Back & Legs
Duration: 45 min.

A special massage with the application of specific essential oils and passive stretching. For those who long for revitalisation and flexibility.

60,00 45,00


Head & Face
Duration: 20 min.

A relaxing massage with warmed essential oils applied to the head, face and neck. Relieves headaches, migraines and complaints of the cervical spine.

35,00 25,00

Massage for Couples
Duration: variable

Just you and the satisfaction of your senses. Treat yourself and your loved one to this unique and rewarding experience.



For your face

Deep Hydration
Duration: 30 min.

A complete, deep moisturizing treatment, rich in vitamins. Signs of fatigue are eliminated by refreshing the skin.

60,00 45,00

Duration: 50 min.

An exceptional anti-aging care with collagen. Wrinkles are smoothed and the skin becomes firmer.

90,00 70,00

Vitamin C
Duration: 50 min.

Prepare your skin for the stress of the sun. Regenerates and detoxifies the skin.

85,00 65,00


Duration: 50 min.

Advanced anti-aging care with immediate results thanks to the wonderful properties of precious caviar.

90,00 70,00

Caviar Eye Therapy
Duration: 30 min.

A refined eye treatment. The highly valuable ingredient caviar activates the natural collagen regeneration and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, swollen eyelids and dark circles around the eyes.

60,00 40,00

Duration: 50 min.

You can regain a firm, radiant skin with this treatment, which is based on the firming effect of cryotherapy.

85,00 65,00



28,00 25,00

French Manicure

34,00 30,00

Long lasting Shellac Manicure

36,00 32,00

Long lasting French Shellac Manicure

40,00 37,00


38,00 35,00

French Pedicure

44,00 40,00

Long lasting Shellac Pedicure

46,00 40,00

Long lasting French Shellac Pedicure

50,00 45,00

Depilation - legs & bikini line

50,00 45,00

Eyebrow correction

19,00 15,00

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