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Beware of the trap! Fake bookings for COOEE Corissia Harmony Hotel via online provider!

Please note that a legitimate booking for Corissia Harmony Hotel can only be made directly through our website and through our contractual partners DER TOURISTIK (JAHN REISEN) and Vtours. Please make sure before every booking that does not take place directly through us that it is actually offered by our contractual partners.

Unfortunately, we have recently noticed that the COOEE Corissia Harmony Hotel is offered on various, constantly changing and completely unknown websites. These website operators use our publicly accessible contact data and images to attract potential guests. After a fake booking in this way, guests are often contacted and'redirected' to other hotels on the grounds that the COOEE Corissia Harmony Hotel is overbooked. In some cases payments already made were not refunded!

We are not aware of the whole process, because we are never contacted by these alleged providers (we have no contract after all). For the deceived guest it looks as if we would be responsible for the changed booking, they also see our data on the respective website and they receive a booking confirmation with the data of our hotel. These website operators also play the saviour of the matter by offering the guest another 'solution'! What remains is the alleged irresponsibility on our part.

Our legal department is already working intensively on this problem. Unfortunately it is not so easy to localize these website operators. You are often abroad and change your websites frequently. For this reason, we would like to appeal to you: book our hotel directly with us or through our legitimate contract partners!

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